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People often ask – what does DK stand for?  DK stands for honour, respect, discipline, and a good work ethic.  But mostly I just tell jokes and do voices.

I went to Ryerson University for IT, graduated, got an IT job, and spent a lot of my adult life telling people to try turning their computers off and on again - on a professional level.  A couple months into my first tech job, I realized that this wasn’t the career for me, so I only stuck with it for 12 more years before leaving the industry to freelance as a voice talent and stand-up comic.

For over 10 years, I’ve performed comedy all across North America.  Over the course of my career, I’ve played stages including Absolute Comedy, Rose Theatre, Rogers TV, showcased for the Just for Laughs festival and produced shows throughout the GTA.

I have a professional home studio where I record and edit corporate eLearning and explainer voiceovers - sparing clients from death by PowerPoint. With my technical background and past experience working with kids, I can make turning your computer off and on again sound engaging to 7th graders (or whatever you call your sys admins).

That's my autobiography. In case you're still wondering, DK Phan is short for Dang Khoa Huynh-Phan but the .com for that was taken.

DK Phan sitting on money
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